Free publicity for the Green Party! – Norfolk Blogger hoist by his own petard…

Intriguing post here, over at Norfolk Blogger:

[Do read the original post by Darren Johnson too, which is excellent.]

What I find amusing is that Norfolk Blogger has blown his top at the giving of extra publicity to the Green Party, and, by means of doing so, has of course… given extra publicity to the Green Party!
Nice own goal there, Norfolk Blogger! Thanks!!

Stopping future Flybe scam flights

  Norwich Airport and the airline ‘Flybe’ are making national and international headlines today in the worst possible of ways. Flybe recently hired actors to fly on extra flights that it laid on specially, and pointlessly, in order to reach targets for passenger numbers laid down by Norwich Airport.

  Norwich City Council is a shareholder in Norwich Airport.


  My comment on this: “This story is an absolute farce. Flybe have brought disgrace upon themselves and upon Norwich Airport through their actions. What is needed now is for Norwich Airport to alter their rules, so that never again are there economic incentives on airlines to engage in this kind of systematic deception and utterly anti-environmental behaviour. For example, a charge made by the Airport per flight upon airlines would discourage empty or extra flights, and incentivise airlines to fill up what flights they laid on with bona fide – paying! – passengers. Norwich City Council is a shareholder in Norwich Airport, and the Leader of the Council has a seat on the Airport Board. The Green Party Councillors will therefore be pressing the Council to use their influence on the Airport to make these much-needed changes. Never again must an airline put on extra flights and hire fake passengers in order to make money at the expense of us all.”


Here is some of the coverage of this story:


Green Party Principal Speaker Caroline Lucas MEP will be launching the
national Green Party local elections campaign in Norwich.

Thursday 3rd April, 5pm, outside the Forum, Norwich City Centre

Green Principal Speaker Caroline Lucas will be in Norwich on 3rd April
to launch the Green Party national local election campaign.
The Norwich Green Party will also be launching their local election
campaign, where they expect record gains on May 1st when they are
projected to become the second party on the Council.
Dr. Lucas and Norwich Green Party councillors and candidates will be
launching the campaign, and will be available for photographs and
Dr. Lucas, MEP for the South East and Prospective Parliamentary
Candidate for Brighton Pavilion, said
"A Green vote is a vote for local communities, public services,
healthy lives, environmental sustainability, peace and democracy –
and, of course, a vote for seriously tough action on climate change.
"People should be proud to demonstrate their Green credentials where
it matters – at the ballot box.
"Norwich is an inspiration to those across the country who want to see
the Green Party moving forward far and fast. I am very happy to be
coming to Norwich to urge voters both in Norwich and across the nation
to seize the opportunity on May 1st, and vote Green for a real and
lasting change."

All are welcome to come and support at this event!
The itinerary of Dr. Lucas MEP on April 3rd is as follows:

Colchester: 10.30/11.00
Ipswich: 13.40
Stowmarket: 14.30
Norwich: 17.00

My friends, the London Mayoral candidates…

The race for London Mayor is hotting up. It is closely-contested by Labour’s Ken Livingstone and the Conservative’s Boris Johnson. However, and thank goodness: the election system used for Mayor of London means that voters can pick whoever they want as their first preference and then transfer their vote ‘tactically’ using their second preference vote. The Lib Dems are polling poorly, and are likely to drop below their score of 2004. Green Party candidate, Sian Berry, is charismatic and dynamic, and it may well be that it is the Green Party that profits this time from this ‘alternative vote’ system. In short: Sian Berry is increasingly likely to get the highest-votes ever received by Mayoral candidates for the Green Party in a mayoral race.

I’m in the probably-unusual situation of being friends with both Boris and Sian. Boris and I went to College together at Oxford and studied Philosophy together. Back then, in fact, we were political allies! Although we have totally diverged politically since then, we have stayed in touch. We saw each other last last summer, at Henley Regatta, on the Thames.

I have known the Green Party candidate for London Mayor, Sian Berry, for several years now; she has visited my home and helped me and others to get elected to the Council in Norwich, and I have often visited with her in Camden and worked with her on her campaigns in favour of Green energy and against urban 4x4s.

Sian would make a brilliant Mayor [ ], and it would be fantastic to see Green policies transforming our capital city. In terms of who would get my second preference vote; I’m not sure- but I’m afraid it definitely wouldn’t be Boris. He is an affable guy, and smarter than he looks; but the Mayor of London has to be someone who can actually run the country’s capital city. I don’t think that that would be Boris’s forte. Hosting “Have I got news for you” and running London are not really comparable enterprises….

It’s interesting to see that Sian and Ken are now cross-endorsing each other:

I think that that probably makes sense. I bet there will be lots of ‘Sian 1 Ken 2’ votes, this time. Loads of people should vote Green, this time, and at the very least make sure that we get our big fat deposit back. But IF it comes down to Ken vs. Boris on second preferences, then surely Ken has done enough good as London Mayor to deserve a third term.

Could you help Norwich make history, this year?

Norwich Green Party: Help needed on polling day.
Last year, Norwich Green Party missed gaining an extra seat — which would have made us the official opposition on the Council — by one single vote…
We do not intend to repeat the same mistake, this year…
We need help throughout the campaign. But: If you can only choose one day upon which to help us, then please choose Polling Day. Apart from many other jobs we are aiming to staff lots and lots of polling stations with ‘tellers’ (smiling people with Green rosettes sitting outside polling stations) between 7am and 10pm. (15 hours). That makes about 600 person-hours just for that one vital job – a job which anybody (with a smile) can do!
If you or someone you know — forward this message to them? — could give us just a few hours, or even better, the whole day on May 1st, we will get nearer our target. It is a fact that with just a few extra person-hours last year we would have gained that extra vote!  Just ONE vote!
  Get back to me, if you’d like to, on this.
Or, better still:
To give offers of help and/or donations please go to
or call Tom Dylan at Green Party base on 01603 611909

Nationalise the banks?

 Excellent post here from feisty green economist Molly Scott Cato.
It is indeed obscene that some of the very institutions that got us into this appalling mess are now stacking up fat profits on the resultant panic. And we are paying the cost, and being ‘gifted’ a series of state mortgages…
It’s time, it seems to me, to start talking about nationalising the banks… As they were doing on no less an august national institution than the TODAY programme, this morning! 😉

This blog’s claims become public knowledge: The government has systematically misled us, over the level of Britain’s GHG emissions

…John Vidal on the front page of today’s _Guardian_, in a welcome story setting out what this blog revealed already in a series of posts over the last several months, most recently:

I repeatedly tried to put Ministers on the spot over this, during the last civic year; none ever responded to any of my messages/letters. Normally, one gets at least a form response to emails and letters to Ministers; often, one gets an informative response. I never got a single response of any kind to this line of questioning. The reason why, I believe, is implicit in today’s _Guardian_ front page story: there IS no response. Our government has been caught with its pants down on this one. Spin = Lies; and meanwhile the atmosphere keeps on over-heating…

The government ought to be really roasted (sic.) on this one…

Financial crisis threatens to engulf us all — a Green response

 No doubt, readers, you are aware of the latest calamitous news from the world of finance this morning:
 The money markets need to be re-regulated. Fast, and deeply. Unsustainable levels of debt are an economic and ecological disaster in the making, as I argue here:
 Greens are at the leading edge of what will be a growing movement, in this truly disastrous period in the world finance markets and economy, to stop the rot in a way that does not merely create a further bubble. Because that is what the Fed’s actions yesterday – in reducing interest rates further and creating yet more liquidity – risk doing. If they see off this crisis — I don’t believe they will, but IF they do — they will do so merely by sowing the seeds of a greater crisis in coming years, by blowing debt and investment bubbles yet bigger.
  The main Parties are timid on this issue. They are afraid to challenge big money. And they have no real solutions to offer. We Greens do.
And this issue is just going to grow and grow over the next several weeks…