Speaking about (against?) ‘sustainable development’, next week: Culture and the Environment seminar Wednesday 10th March

Culture and the Environment Seminar, Wednesday 10 March, 3pm, Blackdale Building 0.17, UEA


Approaches to Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Debate

Dr  Earl Gammon (PSI),  Prof Tim Lenton (ENV), Dr Grischa Perino (ECO) and Dr Rupert Read (PHI)


The ways in which we can think about and discuss issues related to culture and the environment are, as this seminar series has shown, related to the norms of our fields and the institutional and cultural divisions which often define academic work.

This session aims to explore these divisions, by inviting colleagues from a number of Schools to talk about a key environmental issue: sustainability. Each speaker will give a 15-minute presentation on what sustainability means to them and their field, without knowing what the other speakers are going to include in their presentations. The floor will then be open for discussion and debate.

What range of things can ‘sustainability’ mean? What similarities and differences exist between fields? And how can we usefully come together to discuss sustainability?