My Gaddafi letter in the INDY

_A Gaddafi victory would teach a terrible lesson_
You headline your front-page story “Why won’t the world help us? – Libyan rebels plead for intervention” (10 March). I couldn’t agree more.
Ben Ali and Mubarak went because they or their minions or their armies were not prepared to murder their own populations en masse. Gaddafi, however, is. If we now fail to act in ways that help the free Libyans to beat him, and he triumphs, with unimaginably terrible consequences for the Libyans who dared with desperate bravery to oppose him, every dictator in the world will learn the lesson.
Every dictator will ask themselves: “Am I being violent enough? Am I going as far as Gaddafi did? For, if not, then I’ll probably lose; whereas, if yes, then I’ll probably win.”
Is that really the lesson we want the world to learn from the Arab Spring?
My letter [published as the lead letter in the print edition of yesterday’s INDY] is the 5th one down, here:

I’m leaving Norwich City Council, at the May elections

I’m standing down from the Council. After 7 years, I have decided to spend more time on my work at UEA – I have two books to finish. I am also increasingly involved in politics across East Anglia (as Regional Party Co-ordinator) and nationally, and have sometimes felt over-stretched the last few years. I will very much miss working with Wensum residents on local issues…but I am very pleased to endorse Lucy Galvin to take my place. Lucy, our new candidate for Wensum ward, brings significant experience of working for the local councils. I know her and trust her, and I am proud to give her my strongest endorsement, in the upcoming elections.
Here’s the story in today’s local paper:
I am full of bitter-sweet feelings about this, today. The next Council meeting will be my last. Wow…
I’m proud of what I have achieved and what I have helped contribute to. For instance, without me the 20mph speed limits in 3 large zones of the city would never have happened. When I joined the Council, the Greens went from 3 Councillors to 5 – now we have 14 City Councillors, and 7 County Councillors! It’s exciting and it provides some hope for the future for our people, indeed for our civilisation and our species. From humble acorns…
I am currently standing for the Green Party candidacy slot for the House of Lords (see & ). Who knows where I may end up! Politics is full of surprises…
Tonight, I just want to say ‘Thank You’ to all those who have helped me over my 2 terms as a Norwich Green Party City Councillor. There are so, so many of you. It hasn’t always been easy or pleasant, but it has been good, and so worthwhile. Thank you so much, and thank you to all my constituents.
I’m going to miss you, and I’m going to miss it.

Green HouseofLords candidate selection process moves into final phase

As the #GreenParty’s democratic House of Lords candidate selection process moves into its final weeks (Don’t forget to send in those ballot papers, fellow members!), I would just like to say Thanks to all those members who have contacted me to ask me questions, to wish me luck, to pledge their support, to discuss the process, to share their concerns, and so on. It has been an invigorating experience, and I’m grateful to you all.
If you want to find out more about my candidacy, please go to
 Cheers!, Rupert.