Caroline Lucas MP – Conservative Home analysis

The Tory blogsite ConservativeHome recently did some research on the media
impact of the 2010 intake of MPs. Not surprisingly, Caroline comes first by
a long way, with 387 media mentions since election.
Why is this? It's because she's the best politician in Britain; but, more
than that, it is because there is a gradually increasing recognition that
our one MP is actually the thin end of a very large Green wedge. The arrival
of the Green Party in Parliament is more than the arrival of one MP; it is
the beginning of a story that will grow and grow, like Labour did a century

The full list is here:
For further info and analysis, see

The hikers’ message to America

On the celebrated Hikers, thankfully just freed from Iran. [I was among those who campaigned for their release, from the early stages, partly because I’m a friend of a friend of one of them.]  Shane’s first public statement was “… We sincerely hope for freedom for other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran.”   BBC showed it, but ABC World News (unsurprisingly) cut it off, mid-sentence, right before that part.