Vital city housing demolished under Labour. Greens ask _why_?

Green Councillors are concerned that the Labour-run City Council has disposed of significant social housing in Norwich and allowed it to be demolished without firm plans for replacement.

In 2006, the Green Party opposed the City Council’s decision to uproot council tenants and leaseholders at 50 flats in Barrack Street on the basis of developer plans for a mixed use development.   In 2007, 19 sheltered flats at Greyhound Opening were ‘decommissioned’ and elderly residents were relocated.  Both sites still lie empty.  

Green Councillor Paul Neale, County council candidate for Town Close said: “I am shocked, when there is a national housing crisis, and a local crisis made worse by the Bedroom tax, that tenants at Barrack Street and Greyhound Opening were moved against their wishes and the sites remain empty. The Green Party is pressing the Labour Cabinet at the City Council to urgently set out a solution to this issue.

Green Party City Council candidate for Mancroft, Simeon Jackson says: “Norwich’s housing stock is in need of refurbishment to bring it to modern energy efficiency standards. This would create local jobs and be a long-term investment – the Green Party’s real alternative to destroying homes. We have been pressing the council to improve housing whenever we have the opportunity, such as within our proposal for the City Deals bid.”


The original flats on the South side of Barrack Street can still be seen on this old satellite picture at Google Maps – 

Since the demolition of the flats, the site remains undeveloped, now 7 years on, behind a metal wall. 

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Ian Gibson calls for there to be more Green Councillors – and more Independents – elected in these Council elections:

“I have been heartened by the interaction between Independents and Greens, and their attempts to restore democratic process to the governing of Norfolk. I wish every Green and every Independent Councillor-candidate good luck, and I’m positive that there will be more Green Party and more Independent Councillors on Norfolk County Council after the voters have had their say on May 2nd.”
Dr. Ian Gibson, former Labour Party MP for Norwich North.