A Public Apology by Rupert Read

I’m sorry. I apologise unreservedly for the real and genuine offence and hurt caused by my tweets and my previous writing. I’m sorry, especially, for the hurt caused to transgender people, who remain sorely oppressed in our society today.

Life is a journey towards understanding, and I clearly need to spend more time than I already have done listening to transgender people, and if anyone would like spare the time to share their experiences and explain what I and fellow Greens can do to help them I would be grateful for that opportunity. I am taking the LGBTIQ Greens up in their offer extended in their statement, of engaging with them to come to understand better.

I am deeply sorry for the offence and hurt caused by the manner in which I have spoken about all this. I take responsibility for that.

The Green Party believes unequivocally in feminism, queer rights, and trans rights, principles I believe in absolutely. Opposing the ongoing horrifying discrimination faced by trans people is absolutely vital, and I am proud to be in a party which has a long history of doing just that. I apologise for the way in which my comments have got in the way of this.

I will listen to what those who have been hurt by what I’ve said are saying, and I hope to learn from the whole affair, and to improve my understanding of these matters.

Please pledge your support for my crowdfunding campaign!

Crowdfunding is one of the ways I’m campaigning to become a Green Party MP for Cambridge. It’s a platform for people inside and outside of the constituency to get involved with my campaign, and I want to ask for your support!

It’s day 2, and already we are nearly a quarter of the way to our goal – this is great news. But there’s still a way to go, so please pledge your support to my campaign here and let’s give Cambridge its very first Green MP this May.

Caroline Lucas and Rupert Read

Rupert Read Measures Up To Rivals For The Cambridge Seat

“We beat the Lib Dems in the European elections. We’re now consistently neck and neck with the Lib Dems or ahead of them in polls. We have surged forward… We have 5 party politics in Britain.”

Listen to Rupert Read taking on his Cambridge seat rivals on BBC radio as 5-party politics comes to the BBC. So, if local radio can do it, then why not national TV?



An invitation: Devolution to English City Regions, an event hosted by Greenspeak.

GreenspeakDevolution to City Regions with speakers Rupert Read, chair of Greenhouse think tank and Jason Kitcat, leader of Brighton & Hove City Council.

Join us on Tuesday 20th January 2015 at 7.30pm at:

Friends Meeting House
Ship Street
Brighton BN1 1AF

The café is open from 7pm.

Greenspeak events are free (donations welcome towards room hire and travel costs for guest speakers).

If anyone is able to volunteer to help us with making tea and coffee for attendees at 7pm on the night we would be very grateful. Please contact Alison Plaumer.

New Year’s message

I have a simple and clear New Year’s message. It’s this; for the sake of the future, 2015 can and must and, with your help, WILL be the year of the Greens. I want to see us push past 10% in the polls, overtake UKIP, and then we are in new territory and anything becomes possible.

I want in this New Year to join Caroline Lucas in Parliament.

Happy 2015.

And, if you’re with me so far, then I have one New Year’s Resolution for YOU. It’s this;

Join the Green Party of England and Wales! Become part of the ‪#‎GreenSurge‬. Here’s where you can join: https://my.greenparty.org.uk/civicrm/membership/joining

Caroline Lucas and Rupert Read