BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads

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Further to Left Foot Forward’s story here about the decision of the Advertising Standards Authority to ban two climate change ads, it is important for us all to be clear just why the ASA caved in to pressure and made this bizarre decision to ban the excellent “nursery rhyme” adverts on man-made climate change

So, look at this link, not widely picked up last week; here are some of the things said at this notable location:

“This development comes just six weeks after the BNP’s “Operation Fightback” urged supporters to lodge complaints with the ASA over misleading Government claims made in its ‘man-made’ global warming ‘Action on CO2’ television adverts.

“These used the words ‘scientists agree’ in connection with disputed and in some cases, retracted, IPCC findings.

“Specifically Operation Fightback pointed out that the use of the words “scientists agree” implied that all scientists agreed with the now largely debunked IPCC claims made for “man-made” global warming, something which is manifestly untrue.”

There we have it: a systematic campaign by neo-fascist climate-denying BNP supporters seems to have achieved just what it wanted. To sum up, the BNP campaigned against these ads and the ASA did what the BNP were calling for.

It is worth noting also this SERA piece:

“While the ASA decision was dreadful, it is important to be clear nevertheless that the ASA did NOT uphold most of the complaints against this ad campaign.”

4 thoughts on “BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads”

  1. The BNP and UKIP are repulsive parties. Thank you for raising attention to this ‘Operation’.

    I still don’t think there is a consensus on climate change driven by ‘us’. The Ipsos-Mori poll finds most people agree with me. 64% of those polled think that climate change is a combination of us and natural forces. Only 18% think we are driving climate change.

    If you look at data spanning back millions of years, you will discover the Earth has alternated between ‘ice-house’ and ‘hot-house’ phases. We are currently in an ‘ice-house’ phase (there is some ice at both poles for example). The thing is, this data shows CO2 concentrations at 4,000 (four thousand) ppm during the peak of ‘ice-house’ phases – when the Earth was almost covered in ice (“slush-ball Earth”). Our current level of CO2 is lower, and we are considerably warmer. The connection between CO2 and climate temperatures really is feeble.

    It is a classic ‘spurious’ relationship, which has been blown out of all proportion. CO2 has risen due to human activities – agreed. Temperatures have been changing largely independently, recovering from the Maunder Minimum – so I am not denying the current warming trend. CO2 might accelerate (weakly) increases or decelerate decreases in global temperatures, but it is unlikely (90% confidence) to be the main driver. That is where we disagree.

    In Japan, a recent study has been published where leading scientists argue there is not a consensus.
    Jasper Kirby is leading some experiments to determine what effect galactic forces may have. More and more scientists are turning away from dodgy climate models and bent hockey sticks (pardon the pun).

    What I find staggering is that green minded people emphasize the interconnections that exist within the environment and demand that we see ourselves as ‘within’ the system, but then they say the Earth is a ‘spaceship’. In fact the Earth is not a space ship – it orbits within the heliosphere (the outer reaches of the Sun’s atmosphere). We are bombarded by the consequences of distant stars being born and dieing, there are particles on Earth which are entirely from outer space. We are very much interconnected with the galaxy, with forces at work far greater than the best we can create artificially. So why are we looking so narrowly within this single system. It is frankly myopic.

    The climate ‘experts’ need to answer this discontent.

    Until they do, there is a real danger the BNP will capitalise on the glaring weaknesses in the current models. We can’t let them erode the support for action on enriching the environment. Now there are plenty of good reasons for supporting that.

  2. I say well done to the BNP and their members.

    Most people know that the climate is changing but its not man made. Climate change is a natural event that has occurred through out this planets life and will continue to change, even when man is no longer on this planet.

    I dont think it’s just down to the BNP getting the adverts stopped.

  3. and are you a ‘climate expert’ rupert?

    interesting to see caroline’s quote ‘even if you don’t believe in climate change the measures you take will make your life better, will make your community better and in the long run will save you money’

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