Britain should avoid dangerous #nuclear distraction – News release from the Green Party.

Here in the Eastern Region we are on the verge of another reactor at #Sizewell, as well as one Bradwell, the technology is far from safe, with the waste generated being left for generations to come. Sadly, the Green Party is now the only political Party opposing nuclear power in this country. While public opinion here and across the world is swinging strongly against nuclear.

 East of England Green Party Co-ordinator Rupert Read said, “Nuclear power is a toxic timebomb. It is the very opposite of green. It is crazy to be contemplating building new nuclear, while the situation at Fukushima in Japan is still spiralling out of control.”

  Green Party national Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay, speaking in Norwich, has responded to the
 government’s announcement that up to eight new reactor sites have been
 designated for development on behalf of the national Green Party.

 Mr Ramsay said:

 “While the Conservatives and LibDems often talk about being ‘the greenest
 government ever’, the Coalition partners show their real priorities with
 their policies. Reducing carbon emissions must be a top priority; this
 fixation on nuclear will divert investment away from the real solution –
 energy efficiency measures and renewable energy.”

 With the recent revelation that three of the four affected reactors at
 Fukushima experienced full meltdown, and plants in America being put on
 alert or shut down as a result of flooding alongside the Missouri River
 [1], the risks involved with nuclear power are being illustrated all too
 clearly. And the public is taking notice; Italian voters have
 overwhelmingly rejected Silvio Berlusconi’s plans to restart the
 country’s nuclear programme [2], and Germany has committed to closing
 all of its plants by 2022 [3].

 Mr Ramsay concluded:

 “There are good reasons why countries across Europe are turning away from
 nuclear power and yet the British government is taking us in the opposite
 direction. Nuclear power creates a toxic legacy of waste and is bad value
 for money. Investing the same amount in energy efficiency and renewable
 energy would make much more difference more quickly in reducing carbon
 emissions, making our energy supply more secure and creating skilled,
 lasting jobs.”


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 2. See  95% of Italians voted NO to nuclear.

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  1. Thankfully we have the Green Party.. And a lot of people in this country who don’t want nuclear… But Italy managed a people led “No” despite the politicians and despite the press. We need a referendum too. How many people would it take to push for this through one of the campaigning organizations?

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