Brown begs the oil companies to let more oil get combusted: Green response…

Brown is going today to the oil companies to beg them to reduce the price of oil/petrol. It’s top of the news.
How pitiful.
This economic crisis that we are facing — failing banks, huge debt, rapidly escalating prices for basic commodities — IS a crisis of failing to be green: It is a ‘resource-depletion’ crisis — i.e. it is being caused by oil starting to run out, worldwide; it is a manmade-climate-change crisis — i.e. it is being caused also by food production failing in the wake of increased production of biofuels and widespread droughts and storms; and it is a crisis caused by consumerism — i.e. unsustainable levels of debt, resulting from materialistic bingeing, and borrowing on the fantasy never-never of house prices, is giving us an inevitable hangover.
There is no way out of this crisis through even more of the same — and burning more oil right now would just be: even more of the same.
We need instead to take a radically new approach. A Green approach…

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