Cameron won? – I’m a monkey’s uncle

That Cameron is credited by most outlets with having won last night’s debate – despite his vapidity, his utter failure to answer key questions put to him directly by Brown and Clegg (letalone his failure, admittedly shared by the other 2, to say where the savage cuts they are all tacitly planning are going to fall), and the repulsiveness of much of his agenda (his obvious bias toward the rich on issues such as inheritance, the pretty evident insincerity of his pro-poor soundbites – plus the general return of the nasty Party, in his rhetoric on immigration, welfare, etc.) – is a reflection of a combination of a corrupt media culture (large sections of the media have decided to twist and deceive as much as necessary to get Brown out and Cameron in), a failed format for the debates (no provision to insist upon answers to questions – and no presence for the smaller Parties, such as the Greens, who would really shake up the status quo), and a British public that now has such low expectations of politics that it is prepared to see this shallow old Etonian as their representative and as an ‘improvement’.

God save us all.

3 thoughts on “Cameron won? – I’m a monkey’s uncle”

  1. You describe David Cameron as a shallow old etonian. Is it valid to discount someone because of the school they went to? If you find this necessary in order to criticise him then I suggest you are what Gordon Brown called Gillian Duffy.

  2. The point about Cameron’s background is that he is I believe out of touch. I knew some of the Bullingdon Club crew personally while I was at Oxford, especially BoJo, who I studied with. I don’t discount them – but I do find them a throwback to a bygone and worse age.
    Cameron is a shallow PR man, and I think that old Etonians need to do a lot more than he has done, nowadays, in order to deserve what they think they deserve effortlessly: power.

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