Candidate inspired by land and homes

(Originally published in BuryFreePress)

Green Party European Parliamentary candidate Rupert Read has spoken of the need for more investment in affordable housing and renewable energy in Mid Suffolk.
The Eastern region lead candidate for 2009 toured the region with Green Party councillors on Friday, to discuss issues affecting the district.

During the visit, he was shown affordable housing projects in Wickham Skeith, Elmswell and Barham, which Green Party district councillors have been instrumental in.

He also met developer Gipping Homes to discuss the need for sustainable building.

Mr Read said: “To see affordable homes going up in these rural areas, particularly eco-homes, is hugely impressive. This is absolutely the way we have to build in the future – in a way that reduces Co2 and lowers energy bills.”

But he said it was vital the Government continued to invest in this type of housing to prevent the economy collapsing.

He said: “People involved in these developments are very concerned about the impact of the economic downturn, which is why we need Government investment to ensure we stabilise the economy and stop a big recession.”

He added ‘excessive and inappropriate’ housing, like luxury flats and large houses, needed to be reined in.

“What we need are genuine affordable homes to allow local people to stay in the area they are from,” he said.

Mr Read also visited Carter’s Meadow Community Woodland, in Cotton – an area of land donated to the village.

With the help of ward councillor Andrew Stringer, the wood has been transformed with wild flowers, bat and bird boxes, a pond, a ‘Wood Henge’ and sculpture.

Mr Read said it was inspiring to see Cotton being developed in this way.

Speaking about the coming elections, he added: “I would like to have the chance to fight for the best interests of the eastern region and I hope people will give the Greens a fair crack of the whip.”

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  1. Completely agree that more affordable homes are needed.

    The government has promised more money will be targeted in that area and over the next few weeks we can expect to see more funds available for the my choice home buy scheme.

    Contact an independnet Mortgage broker to see if you are eligable and how it may help you purchase a home.

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