Caroline Lucas on a #progressivemajority

“I think we would rule out a formal coalition, but we’re very interested in talking about ways we might co-operate.”

And on her victory in Brighton Pavillion: “It’s only one seat – but it’s the first seat. It was only 24 years between the first Labour MP and the first Labour government.”

These quotes are from a New Statesman piece (which spins the first one very misleadingly), to appear soon.

6 thoughts on “Caroline Lucas on a #progressivemajority”

  1. Rupert you’ve said on your twitter:

    “Labour & Libdems are negotiating, Brown is going, he has called for a #progressivemajority govt: its a big moment for Nats, SDLP, & GREENS”

    But Caroline will not join a progressive coalition, as you’ve pointed out. She will provide “confidence and supply”. This isn’t enough. She has to join the coalition, get a ministerial post, and achieve a lot more. If she doesn’t join the coalition, it will fall apart.

    For the sake of the country, your party has to support the progressive coalition in the way that is in the interests of the country, not in her short term political interest or that of the Green Party.

  2. what, you mean, like, do the opposite of what she said?

    but that would be like, you know, like all the other parties that the Greens are, you know, like, different from?

    Or will she stick to her position?

  3. Reply to 1st Anon (agreeing with 2nd Anon): No, you’re wrong. As I’ve pointed out in previous recent stories on this blog, ‘Confidence and Supply’, or even a weaker arrangement such as the ‘Co-operation Agreement’ that the Greens have with the SNP in Scotland can be perfectly stable. As the Holyrood experience of the last 3 years proves.
    As Caroline tweeted today: “@CarolineLucas happy to consider confidence/supply w/ reform-oriented coalition”. That’s as it should be. The Green Party absolutely does not have enough in common with the old growthist Parties to join them in formal coalition. But stopping Tory cuts, and gaining PR: that would be a Yes to a #progressivemajority arrangement of some kind.

  4. same thing

    different name

    that’s politicians for you

    she’s been there a few days and is already weasel wording.

    If you don’t support them, don’t support them. Otherwise, the principle becomes similar to tactical voting to keep the tories out, and you whinged enough about that. I’d much rather see her keep out of the whole dirty shenanigans rather than propping up failed parties – is that what voting green was all about?

  5. You don’t seem to be living in the real world at all, Anon. Most LibDem voters think that the LibDems are a Party of the centre-Left (see ). Maybe this should be true. I am no LibDem-lover; but if you want PR, and you want to stop the dismantlement of the welfare state, then you should want a #progressivemajority rainbow alliance.
    The Green Party (and the Alliance Party) are the only Parties that gained seats, outside the Conservatives. This is a small but real way in which they help break the ‘coalition of losers’ tag, and offer something fresh and now, something with momentum. That is an important way in which Caroline can help stop a Tory government, and deliver PR to this country.

  6. “Most LibDem voters think that the LibDems are a Party of the centre-Left”

    RUBBISH! Labour are incompetant and the Tories are nasty. The Liberal Democrats are either incompetant or nasty depending upon where they are, but wherever that is, only they can win there!

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