Climate is Culture


David Buckland, the Director of Cape Farewell, will be giving this talk on Thursday 20 September at 5.30 in E Fry 01.05. It is organised to mark the commencement of the new UEA MA/MSc Degree (that I am Course Director of), between HUM and SCI, in Environmental Sciences and Humanities, and all are welcome to attend.

David Buckland is an artist, writer, curator and film director who created and now directs the international Cape Farewell programme. The Cape Farewell project has over the past 12 years involved some of our best creative minds to create a different language of engagement and begin to vision what a sustainable future might look like. During this presentation, David Buckland will show films and artworks from the international artists and present just why we need a cultural shift and how this is a positive and exciting opportunity.

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