Climate Skeptics at large in Parliament

This blog has previously pointed out some of the unbelievably ostrich-like Tories in Parliament, who still don’t believe in manmade climate change, even as we get New Orleans re-devastated, and the risk of human civilisational collapse from runaway climate change grows with the melting of the Arctic and the beginnings, terrifyingly, of large-scale methane release.
 Check this out: here is a gentleman from the DUP, one Sammy Wilson, making the same garbage arguments, holding up progress on this most vital of all issues:

  In a future post, I will set out some of the appalling UKIP nonsense against manmade climate change. Watch this space…
All these right-wing Parties are alike: you just cannot trust them, to have any climate-sanity…



One thought on “Climate Skeptics at large in Parliament”

  1. I find that the easiest and most convenient response to Tory Climate change sceptics is “Yeah right, and the financial crisis isn’t happening really, it’s a conspiracy cooked up by the Communists so they can nationalise the banks.”



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