Compass and pluralism – good news!

Compass’s decision last weekend to look seriously over the next two months at opening up its full membership (see ) is very welcome. This in effect responds to the call I made – – and gives real hope that a ‘progressive alliance’ can be built that could take this country in a different direction over the next 5 years. If there is another balanced Parliament after the 2015 General Election, we need to make sure that we are ready to have something else replace the ConDem government. Compass pluralising could be a key basis for being ready in that way: and would also fit well with the new political environment that will evolve in this country if the AV referendum is passed (See here for why: .).
As a Green who is a member of Compass, but who is at present excluded from participating in Compass’s internal affairs (because of my membership of a Party other than Labour), I earnestly hope that Compass will make the right decision over the next couple of months. If that happens, then it really will be ‘the new politics’.
Here is the resolution that the Compass AGM passed:
‘The AGM commits the Management Committee to:
  • Hold a further Special General Meeting to be held by the end of February 2011 to decide specifically on the issue of opening up the Compass membership.
  • That a constitutional amendment(s) will be tabled by the Management Committee to that Special General Meeting that if voted on by a 2:1 majority in accordance with the constitution would open up the Compass membership.
  • Therefore commits to a process of further consultation with the membership immediately after this AGM as part of a thorough democratic process in reaching a decision on Compass membership.’

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