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  1. I voted Green in the last general election. I also paid £3 to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. I do not identify fully with Labour although I wanted to help disrupt the cosy Westminster arrangement between Labour right wing and the Conservatives to disagree on big salaries. A sort of rather expensive agreement to disagree (posing as democracy). But I’ve been incredibly disappointed by the Greens and its leadership since the election. I don’t want a protest party. I want a coherent, robust, visionary core of “Green belief or philosophy” which I can identify, identify with indeed, understand and support. I never see that. So, for example, the ludicrous obsession with economic growth is never discussed. Labour, even under Corbyn, align on that issue with the Conservatives – precisely! This is where the Greens can stand away from Labour and show themselves to be DIFFERENT.

    But this takes some thinking through and I don’t know if it has been done but I am not aware of it. Economic growth – the subject no one dares discuss.

  2. “Demands for an exercise of imagination, of ‘self-restraint’, and of changing our polities and our very world, of a kind that we are not used to. But: anything less is selling the future short. For we have reached a point where we are profoundly imperiling the future and only a radical course correction will save it.”

    The solution you can only dream about does indeed exists but is not of human intellectual origin. And there is no more ‘radical course correction” possible for our species.

    “For individuals prepared to think for themselves, with the intellectual integrity to shake off their existing prejudices, who will explore outside the cultural box of history and able to stand against the tides of tribal, peer, group think, and all fashionable thought and spin, with the humility to accept correction and the moral courage to learn something new, who will TEST, discover and confirm this new insight for themselves, an intellectual, spiritual and moral revolution is under way; where the once impossible becomes inevitable, by the most potent, political, progressive, Non Violent Direct Action never imagined. One able to advance peace, justice, change and progress and which entrenched elites and the modern corporate/national security, surveillance state can neither stop nor interfere with. ”

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