Correcting LibDem misinformation

 It is very sad to see the LibDems continuing to mislead Norwich voters at every opportunity – in spite of the fact that their candidate claimed that he would run a ‘Clean Campaign’, following the Green Party’s initiative of a Clean Campaign Pledge in Norwich South.
 In their latest leaflet, the LibDems try their hardest to pull the wool over voters’ eyes about what happened in last year’s elections. They fail to point out that I (as the Green Party candidate) came within just 1% of winning a seat in the European Parliament, and was the runner-up – and that if it hadn’t have been for LibDem lies about me being ‘out of the race’, I could very easily have been elected.
 During the Norwich North byelection, they took some words of mine from THE TIMES and printed leaflets saying that those words proved that I was admitting that I could not win that byelection. In their latest leaflet in this election, they claim that I insisted during that campaign that I COULD win the byelection. Make your mind up, LibDems – you can’t have it both ways! (Maybe you think you can, because you are so used to sitting on fences… 😉
 Once, long ago, I was a LibDem, for my sins… Every time one of their manipulative pieces of paper comes through my door, I thank my stars that I’m now with the Green Party, instead. And that the Green Party may now be poised on the edge of a famous victory, here in Norwich South. That’s certainly how the posters look, across the constituency – overwhelmingly Green, with few LibDem posters in most parts of the city.
 In last year’s Norwich North byelection, the LibDem vote fell substantially – while the Green Party vote more than tripled. Norwich South is our stronghold, where we outnumber LibDem Councillors two to one (ALL the Green Norwich City Councillors are in Norwich South). In Norwich South, if voters vote for what they want, they will get a Green MP: brilliant local man and experienced Councillor Adrian Ramsay.
 But you won’t find any of that information on LibDem leaflets!

4 thoughts on “Correcting LibDem misinformation”

  1. It’s wonderful to know Greens would never manipulate planning decisions, which by law can’t be party political, to say Lib Dem councils are against windfarms . Greens would never manipulate airport expansion which by law can’t be stopped on political or environmental grounds, to blame Lib Dem councils.

    It would of course be total hypocrisy to denounce the Lib Dems Green Tax Switch as a policy no serious green would contemplate whilst many Green Parties have the same policy. I believe it is the policy of the Northern Irish Green Party standing in this election.

  2. It’s nonsense to pretend that planning decisions are utterly unpolitical. The recent changes in planning law recognise this. In other words: it is now recognised that it is reasonable for people on Planning to have views, including political views, on matters that come before them… How could it be otherwise? The point is only that one must not be PRE-DETERMINED in one’s views, before hearing the evidence at the meeting.

    I agree with you that the recent Green press release on the LibDems and the environment was too strongly worded.
    The point, which should have been made much more carefully, is this:
    eco-taxes are great – but the LibDems have no long term green strategy. Eco-taxes are dangerous, unless you have something to systematically replace them with. Example: How dependent Norwich City Council is now on parking charges, and so how reluctant it is to close down any car-parks or restrict traffic entering the city centre. You have to have a replacement for eco-taxes BUILT-IN from the start, or else you do anything you can to stop losing the revenue, including prolonging the eco-bad that you were taxing.
    The Green Party wants long-term to replace eco-taxes with Land Value Tax. The LibDems have no plan, no strategy.

  3. Well that is a reasoned and fair answer- I’m shocked!

    I would argue Lib Dems do have a strategy and LTV is making a comeback; after all we sing the ‘Land’ a song about Lloyd George’s attempt at LVT, at the conference glee club!

    I still think it is disingenuous to blame Lib Dems for planning decisions – yes they are political, but parties are not allow to take a party line on an application. You can be in favour of windfarms without supporting every windfarm planning application.

  4. You should see the drivel that LDs have put in their Norwich leaflets in the past, criticising Green Party Councillors for their Planning Committee decisions – honestly, it takes the biscuit.

    On Land Value Tax – it would be great if the LibDems went back to supporting it. Then we would really have something in common.

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