Could you help Norwich make history, this year?

Norwich Green Party: Help needed on polling day.
Last year, Norwich Green Party missed gaining an extra seat — which would have made us the official opposition on the Council — by one single vote…
We do not intend to repeat the same mistake, this year…
We need help throughout the campaign. But: If you can only choose one day upon which to help us, then please choose Polling Day. Apart from many other jobs we are aiming to staff lots and lots of polling stations with ‘tellers’ (smiling people with Green rosettes sitting outside polling stations) between 7am and 10pm. (15 hours). That makes about 600 person-hours just for that one vital job – a job which anybody (with a smile) can do!
If you or someone you know — forward this message to them? — could give us just a few hours, or even better, the whole day on May 1st, we will get nearer our target. It is a fact that with just a few extra person-hours last year we would have gained that extra vote!  Just ONE vote!
  Get back to me, if you’d like to, on this.
Or, better still:
To give offers of help and/or donations please go to
or call Tom Dylan at Green Party base on 01603 611909

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