Designing Sustainable Economies: Translating ideas and research into policy and practice

I’ll be a guest speaker at this workshop at the University of Sheffield, 28-29 July 2016

This workshop brings together scholars, activists, policy practitioners, civil society, and representatives of intergovernmental institutions to discuss the challenge of aligning economic development and environmental sustainability in the 21st century. Debates feature a wide range of concepts: sustainable development, green economy, green growth, harmony with nature, degrowth, steady state economy, circular economy, and many others. There is evidently no single vision for a sustainable economy, and this workshop aims to promote fruitful dialogue by bringing together people with different perspectives. The event provides a setting to share our experiences of promoting ideas and agendas for more sustainable economic development, and to reflect on the value of collaboration across academia, civil society, and government institutions.

This event is generously funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (UK)

Venue: Leopold Hotel | Leopold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GZ


Designing Sustainable Economies – Programme

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