#Durban : The most positive part of the outcome

The beginning of the end for the Kyoto 'Annex 1' vs 'non_Annex 1' distinction is crucial. This opens the way for the starting-in-2020 climate agreement (or maybe 2017?) promised in Durban to be something modelled on Contraction and Convergence (or on GDRs, etc). This gives a crucial opening to achieve for the first time an agreement which encompasses everyone, is just, and is effective. So, although the long delay may well prove fatal, especially to AOSIS countries and LDC countries, we do now at least have a _chance_, for the first time, of achieving what we as a species need through the COP process.
So: one cheer for Durban.
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3 thoughts on “#Durban : The most positive part of the outcome”

  1. Rupert, you respond favourably to Mark Lynas’ take on COP-17 – “a major step forward”. Beware; C&C at the wrong rates [achieving too little too late] is as bad as no C&C.

    Lynas is an advisor to the Maldives/AOSIS. However, AOSIS doesn’t think that COP17 was a major step. They think the opposite with Chair Karl Hood asking ‘must we now die so that you can develop?’

    Here is what they asked for compared with what they got. The former [what they asked for] would have been a major step in the right direction. The latter [what they got] was a major step in the wrong direction: – http://www.gci.org.uk/COP-17.html

    BTW Mark Lynas took to denouncing C&C two years ago and persuading the Maldives to take that line.

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