Eastern Green Party Euro-campaign officially launched!

The Cambridge LAUNCH of the Eastern Region campaign to get a Green MEP elected in 2009 was took place on Saturday the 20th. It went very nicely, even having a nice sunny day for it… See the launch photograph at http://rupertread.fastmail.co.uk/eastern%20region%20launch%20pic.JPG . In the centre are myself and the number two and three candidates on the Green Party list, James Abbott and Peter Lynn.

2 thoughts on “Eastern Green Party Euro-campaign officially launched!”

  1. Hi Rupert
    Congratulations on the launch. A bit surprised to see that the top 3 candidates are all male – don’t you have any gender balance rules for your Euro list in Eastern Region?
    Best wishes


  2. No, no gender balance rules. People are invited to take it into account when they vote.
    Anyhow, don’t we need a first ever male Green Euro-MP from England?!…

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