Every single East Anglian MP is part of the governing coalition

ALL East Anglia’s MPs are part of the governing coalition. Every single MP in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex is either LibDem or Tory. As the cuts get underway, isn’t it time to have some opposition around here? Genuine opposition to the cuts, from a Party that (unlike Labour) hasn’t caused the problem, and has a real programme (the Green New Deal) designed to obviate the need for most of the cuts proposed…

That’s where we come in… Get in touch with us, if you’d like to get involved: www.greenparty.org.uk

(Or get in touch with me direct.)

In Norwich South, for instance, I bet that many LibDem voters were surprised when our new LibDem MP helped usher David Cameron into Downing Street. Many Norwich LibDem voters are feeling confused by this- the Lib Dems really have changed for the worse since the days of Paddy
Ashdown (back before I left their Party ;-).

3 thoughts on “Every single East Anglian MP is part of the governing coalition”

  1. 3 words: Green New Deal.

    Of course, there are some things we would cut. Subsidies for nuclear power, for example. And Trident. Shame that your lot are going to let those continue, Joe…

    [If you do cut subsides for nuclear power, it will only be because you are privatising nuclear power more fully… Great!! PRIVATISED nuclear power! I’m feeling safer already… NOT]

  2. I have actually read your manifesto.

    Your numbers only add up if you manage to match the growth forecasts of the last government. Are you even trying to do that?

    And in the longer run, any cuts made by other parties can be temporary because we will see the economy growing, and thereby generating the missing £160bn in tax revenue. And more. Are you planning to grow the economy that much?

    By all means make the argument that economic growth is a bad thing, but you can’t consistently do that and be on the side of public spending, compared to any other party, except in the very short term. And let’s not be short-termist here.

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