Do you want to help us make history and get the first-ever Green Party MEP elected in Eastern Region?

This is an opportunity to work as a volunteer [reasonable expenses can be reimbursed] and gain invaluable experience in a target Euro-Region. The posts are open between between March 4 and June 4 ’09. You will be joining a number of other organisers in an Obama-style on-the-ground campaign [‘field’ operation]!

Minimum: half day per week or equivalent;
Minimum period: one month.

The position would ideally be taken by someone living in or near Eastern Region, but if you live elsewhere in Britain and can come and stay here for a month or more to help us out on this full-time, then you are also eligible (we will in that case work to provide you with accommodation).

Job involves [some or all, depending on your preferences and your availability, of] the following: Doing leafleting, mobilising members and potential supporters, writing letters to the local press, helping to create events for visiting Euro-candidates, watching for hustings opportunities…

If you would like to take on this task, then please get in touch. By doing so, you could really help extend the ‘reach’ of the Green Euro-campaign-team, and increase the chances of us breaking through in Eastern Region. You would have the opportunity to join like-minded individuals who are passionate about our cause, while also working alongside already-elected Green politicians and the media. We are very pleased to announce that we have received a lot of support so far, and really hope you can join us on this hugely significant campaign!

Contact: for a full job-spec, including a full list of the areas where we are looking for help of this kind. [Please indicate where you would like to organise, especially if it is where you live. Please note: we are looking for field organisers only to cover parts of the region where we are not already strong. We are looking for people to step up our campaign where as yet there are gaps in it.] Bear in mind finally that hands-on experience of a European Election campaign could greatly enhance your CV… Do get in touch!

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