Game over for Farage?

Will those who voted for UKIP at the local elections last month turn a blind eye to newspaper reports that the leader they’ve turned to, the “charismatic” Nigel Farage, set up an offshore trust fund?

Perhaps voters at the County Council elections, understandably and rightly fed up with the old Parties, were impressed by UKIP’s stance as the ‘outsiders’ to mainstream politics. Yet, just as the MPs’ expenses scandal was beginning to fade in the public consciousness, here is Farage, who’d spoken out against tax-evasion, exposed as a person so keen on feathering his own nest that you have to ask how far removed is his attitude from that of some of those Parliamentary wrongdoers. It sits badly with the Leader of a Party supposedly committed to putting this country first that he sought to avoid paying tax here by taking his money offshore and did so after he’d switched professions from commodities broker to politician.

Mr Farage has shown himself an elitist, amoral, hypocritical tax-avoider. Isn’t it now plain to see how he is unlike most ordinary folk who voted for his Party? Without fair taxation our chances of escaping from the austerity quagmire the coalition government has us floundering in will be even worse than they are. 

In fact it’s we in the Greens who are the clean and honest alternative to old-style politics, without recourse to personal tax-avoidance schemes among the leadership! Move over, Farage: with this scandal, your reputation is blown and your honeymoon is over.

2 thoughts on “Game over for Farage?”

  1. Sadly I suspect most UKIP voters don’t care too hoots about Farage’s tax arrangements and will continue to lap up his anti-immigrant, anti-EU, anti-wind power views. After all, they haven’t been put off by his European Parliament gravy-train riding.

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