Gaza flotilla attacked: Green response:


Foreign Secretary William Hague – a prominent member of the ‘Friends of Israel’ organisation – has issued a statement deploring the loss of life. But that ‘evenhandedness’ just isn’t good enough. All of those killed have been civilians engaged in a humanitarian task; and they have been killed by Israeli troops operating outside the law, piratically, in international waters. We in the Green Party condemn their actions; and, if our government fails to issue a similar condemnation, then we will be left with no alternative but to conclude that this new government is soft on Israel, and is not serious about opposing internationally illegal violence, extra-judicial murder and war.

 Also: Caroline Lucas MP, the Greens Leader, has condemned Israel’s attack on peace activists:

If you are a Liberal Democrat contrast this with the silence of your Leader. Time to join the Green Party if you care about peace and justice.

The Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas MP, has called on the Government to condemn the actions of the Israeli troops in firing on a ship carrying volunteers and medical supplies to Gaza, and to back an urgent inquiry into the incident.

In a strongly worded message to Foreign Secretary William Hague, she has demanded that he urgently contact the Israeli authorities to demand an end to the attacks, and that he ensure that Israel is held fully to acount for an illegal and unprovoked attack.

Speaking this morning, she said:

“I completely condemn this deadly attack on the humanitarian aid convoy. I am deeply shocked by the brutality of the assault, which has left a still unkown number of people dead and wounded. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.

“This attack is a serious infringement of the principles of international law. The Green Party calls on the UK Government, and the EU, to apply pressure to lift the ongoing blockade of Gaza, which makes essential humanitarian aid for the population of Gaza virtually impossible to deliver. We also call for the quick establishment of an international inquiry to shed light on the circumstances of this attack.”

3 thoughts on “Gaza flotilla attacked: Green response:”

  1. Ahem, of course you could always wait until the facts emerge before making any wild claims. If you study Mr Hague’s comments, he’s only commenting on the facts not disputed by either side. This is what leading a country involves, and why being MP for Brighton Pavilion is a long way from being PM.

  2. Good to see you haven’t forgot to give the Jooz a good kicking Rupert.

    I just remembered why I didn’t vote Green.

  3. What rubbish. Hague and Obama are in effect taking Israel’s side.
    Israel attacked an unarmed convoy in international waters. Those are the facts. They killed 10 people. Those are the facts. Get off the fence.

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