Good News! Green Party Spring Conference, Monday 9th March

ACC Liverpool Friday 6th – Monday 9th March

Green Party members and councillors will be travelling to Liverpool this week for the national party Spring Conference which is being held in a new larger venue due to the increase in membership of the Greens.

In Eastern Region, total membership has now exceeded 5,000, an increase of another 1,000 since mid-January.

Along with record high membership, the Greens are also continuing to enjoy their strongest ever run in the polls. The BBC Poll of Polls has the Greens currently on 7%, double the level of support over most of the period of the current parliament (since 2010).

In the Eastern Region, and across the UK, the Greens will be standing a record number of parliamentary candidates and a high number of local election candidates for the May 7th poll. There will be full slates of Green parliamentary candidates in Norfolk and Suffolk, and selections are underway which could deliver full slates in other Eastern counties. Overall, the Greens are expecting to stand in up to 90% of seats.

Key seats for the Greens in the East will be Norwich South (Councillor Lesley Grahame) and Cambridge (Dr. Rupert Read), with strong campaigns in other seats aiming to increase Green vote share in an election where outside their stronger areas, the Lib Dem vote is expected to be vulnerable to the Green surge.

Green Party parliamentary candidate for Cambridge Dr. Rupert Read said

This is set to be the biggest Green Party Conference to date and as ever will be an open and democratic event. On Saturday March 7th, I’ll be speaking alongside Molly Scott Cato MEP at a fringe meeting on the economy. Greens believe that there is more to society than just measuring it in financial terms. I will be talking about how quality of life really matters, not quantity of money or the amount of “stuff” we own; and about how there is enough in this country to go around: if only we shared it better. The Green Party wants to bring in a wealth tax, so that the richest 1% pay their fair share towards our public services. We also want to crack down on tax dodging by corporations and the super-rich.

On the afternoon of Sunday March 8th I will be attending a session on dealing with the far-right and talking about my experiences of combating UKIP xenophobia. There are lots of voters who are fed up with politics. Our job is to present a more positive way to express a voice for change – by voting Green.



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