Green Councillors speak, on the leadership question

I am a local Councillor. In most strong local Green Parties, Green Councillors are our representatives in the governing of the land. Across the county, over a hundred of us are slogging their guts out to make the Green message a reality.

When as a Green activist you are looking to get a first Councillor elected, and when that wonderful moment arrives, and when your Group starts building in numbers, you want the national Green Party to be doing everything that it can to give more power to your arm. The Party nationally ought to be as robust and as media-savvy as our Parties with Councillors are locally.

That means Leadership. It means getting the front page of the _Guardian_ as often as we get the front page of the Norwich Evening News, the Brighton Argus, or the Lewisham News. It means having the same impact nationally, with a charismatic figurehead, that we do locally, through people like Adrian Ramsay, Keith Taylor, and Darren Johnson, who lead their Groups on their Councils.

Green Councillors want a Party that works well, that punches at and above its weight, a Party that will deliver the successes and the desperately-needed policy-changes –nationally — that Greens are already achieving all over the country, locally. So it is no surprise that so many of our leading local politicians want change. They want a Yes vote in this ballot.

Goto to hear the message from the mouths of some of the 75% of Green Councillors who are therefore going to be voting Yes, in the imminent leadership referendum. Hear and read what they have to say; and then I hope you’ll stop and consider how best you can offer them support.

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