At the start of April the Green Party campaign to win a seat in the European Parliament is going up a gear. Lead candidate Rupert Read is embarking on a whistle-stop tour of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, in order to listen to his prospective constituents and to offer the Green Party’s distinctive solution to the credit crunch: the Green New Deal.
Rupert Read said
“Europe needs change and if enough people in Eastern England get behind the Green Party, we can help make that change happen. The Green New Deal aims to create 5 million jobs across the continent, including a million here in Britain, and at least 100,000 in Eastern England.
“The Green New Deal is a way to combat dangerous climate change and help end the recession at the same time. It would set the European economy on a sustainable path and place Europe at the forefront of the Green industrial revolution. For a greener economy and a cleaner politics, there is only one sensible option: Vote Green!”

Cllr. Read’s tour of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, between April 1st and April 8th, takes in the following:


1st April Welwyn Garden City [Green Party Meeting in the evening]

2nd April London [for the G20 meeting]

3rd April Bedford [Meeting in the Market Square near Lord Roberts pub, 9 am, then campaigning around the town]

3rd April Bushey, south Hertfordshire [starting at 86 Park Ave. at 5pm: meeting the public]

4th April Hemel Hempstead [Meeting at Bank Court, 10.30 am: stall and meeting the public]

4th April Berkhamstead [Meeting at The Crown pub, 1.30pm to go out canvassing]

6th April Luton [Meeting outside the Town Hall, 1pm: meeting the public]

6th April St. Alban’s [Canvassing in the afternoon, and then a public meeting at 8pm that night]

7th April Hitchin [10 am visit to Church Farm, Hitchin, to look at sustainable agriculture in action]

7th April Leighton Buzzard [Meeting at the Market Cross at 2pm, and then campaigning around the town]

7th April Watford [Green Party meeting at Danny’s Pub near Watford Junction, 8pm]

Cllr. Read is available for interview or photo-opportunities throughout the tour, please see contact details below.



The Green New Deal includes the aims of

  • creating ‘green collar’ jobs for five million Europeans within 5 years, including jobs in renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable small-scale agriculture, and public transport 
  • mobilising a cohesive strategy for private and public investment in the green economy that amounts to 500 billion Euros over the next five years (0.75% of the GDP of the EU) 
  • keeping energy affordable
  • helping to fight dangerous climate change and green the European economy.

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