Green Party internal democracy in poor health?

I am blogging from the Green Party Conference main hall. The Party has just decided not to go ahead with a ballot of all members for the post of External Comms Co-ordinator, a post for which I had wished to stand.
I am not willing to participate in a sham of democracy. So I am not now going to stand. I wanted to campaign before all members, not the the small fraction who can come to Conference. I am deeply saddened that my effort to become involved more in the national party through subjecting myself for democratic internal election has been stymied, because this Party has not as yet been willing to come out clearly FOR internal democracy.
There is one chance left for the Party to prove that we still care deeply about the democratic culture of our Party. One way left for us to give ALL members a chance to vote. One remaining way in which Party members at Conference – for others now do not have a voice – can resolve this situation. It is this: Jason Kitcat and I are urging any Party members at Conference who read this post to support democracy: Please vote Re-Open Noms (RON) for External Comms co-ordinator, to force a postal vote of all members. (If RON wins the election here at Conference, then Jason and I WILL go ahead and stand in a ballot of all members for this post.)

3 thoughts on “Green Party internal democracy in poor health?”

  1. Correction: it wasn’t the Party that decided to disenfranchise the membership, but 50 people who voted against putting the election to a postal ballot against 37 people who voted for it.

    When less than 100 people have the power to cut 97% of our 9,000 members out of choosing who runs our media and communications, things need to change!

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