Green Party policy on Electoral and Constitutional Reform

We seldom earn brownie points from the media for holding such timely policy in our back pockets but whilst the stream of MPs continuing their Emergency Hypocrisy Duty continues it is useful to recall that we and not they have been signed up to the following for many years:
Proportional representation (we prefer Additional Member System (AMS) or Single Transferable Vote (STV))
Fixed term parliament – 4 years, except where government loses vote of confidence
Fully elected Second Chamber to replace House of Lords
Written constitution
State funding for political parties to eliminate corporate buying of politicians
Voting age reduced to 16
Radical decentralisation/localisation of power to localities
Elected Regional Assemblies
Remove all constitutional powers from monarch
Disestablish Church of England
Register of interests for MPs and senior civil servants
Reduce power of Prime Minister, increase power of cross-party committees of MPs
Citizens Initiative for referendums

3 thoughts on “Green Party policy on Electoral and Constitutional Reform”

  1. This is an excellent list! It’s really good we have laid out our proposals like this, so anyone wanting to know where we stand can see what we’re after.

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