Green Party votes YES!!!!!

You heard it here first…:

The result of the referendum ballot inside the Green Party – to decide whether or not the party should have a recognisable Leadership team – has resulted in success for the ‘Yes’ message, with well over a 2/3rds majority.

The final result is 73% to 27%, with almost exactly half of the membership turning out to vote.

The members have spoken, in overwhelming numbers.

South-East Euro-MP Caroline Lucas, one of the party’s two Principal Speakers, said:

“I’m delighted about this result. The party can now move forward together and onto the job in hand: we have an urgent green message to communicate, and many votes to win.”

Green London Assembly member Darren Johnson and outgoing ‘Yes’ Campaign Manager commented from Brussels, “This is a fantastic day for the Green Party and will help ensure we have a party that is understandable, recognisable and effective. But we now need to demonstrate to all our members, regardless of which way they voted, that this is not about weakening our principles, it’s about strengthening our effectiveness — and that is what we’ll do over the years ahead.”

3 thoughts on “Green Party votes YES!!!!!”

  1. Whoah there!
    “one of the party’s two Principal Speakers, who will (in due course) now have their job titles changed to those of Leader and Deputy or Co-leaders due to the vote”

    Maybe I didn’t read the small print but I was under the impression that we would have a vote as to who will be Leader etc.

    We elected Caroline and Derek as Principal Speakers NOT as leaders!

  2. the members have spoken indeed. I hope that this now puts the issue to rest and the party can re-group and get on with changing the world…

    Congratulations for all your hard work on the ‘yes’ campaign trail!

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