#Green Solar Panel Success


I am so proud of having been a small part of this (the renewable energy on Council buildings success): this is a real achievement that will make a big difference to people’s lives in Norwich:
Green Party City Councillors expressed delight that the Council has supported Green Party plans for a major new investment in renewable energy.
Tuesday night’s budget meeting voted in favour of the plan to spend £250,000 of an otherwise unused £5 million capital fund on renewable energy generation on council buildings. The move could lead to solar panels being installed on the roof of City Hall and other public buildings in Norwich.

Green Councillors were also successful in proposing £12,500 to increase the activity of the council’s planning enforcement service, and the same amount to purchase and install more than 50 new grit bins, some of which could be bought by businesses and community groups as part of a new scheme.

The ruling Labour Council’s "holding budget" was passed, paving the way for a consultation programme this summer to identify £2.35 million savings for the remainder of the coming financial year, and £12.2 million over the next 4 years.
The proposer of the Green Party amendments, Councillor Stephen Little said: "The renewable energy fund will go a small way to help the council tackle the twin challenges of climate change and government-enforced cuts to public sector funding and jobs. The money we’re using would otherwise have been sitting in the council’s bank account unused, but now I hope it will be put to good use providing clean energy and much needed regular financial income for the council."

Leader of the Green Party Councillors Claire Stephenson commented on the consultation to come: "This is only the start of a very tough project for the whole city. My colleagues and I will be working to ensure that no decision is taken in the coming months without the deepest possible consultation, with the council taking all views into account. It is also vital that the process takes place openly, with all relevant information made available to residents and councillors in a place and form in which they can access it."


Rupert Read
Green Party Councillor, Norwich.
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3 thoughts on “#Green Solar Panel Success”

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  2. Its great to see your enthusiasm for the green effort, i do not know why we do not build solar panels into all of the new and old public owned buildings. we have just started a project on making a local church more eco friendly and so far it going well. Soon most of the building will have solar panels

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