HS2: Despite Supreme Court Setback:

The Green Party will continue to support the anti-HS2-protesters in their ongoing battle.

Following their legal victory in the Supreme Court today (22 January), the Government has vowed to “press ahead” with HS2.

The Court dismissed accusations (1) by objectors that the Government was “cutting corners”, by failing to carry out an environmental assessment and in breach of European environmental laws, so as to push the estimated £50 billion project through Parliament. 

The campaigners now plan to take their case to the European Court.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said:

“The issue considered by the judges was a narrow legal one and the political questions, of whether the environmental and financial costs of HS2 can be justified, are yet to be answered.

“This case has focused on critically important environmental issues. But there’s also an important question, which research has indicated must be answered in positive: even on purely financial grounds, can this money be spent better?”

Green Party Transport Spokesperson, Rupert Read, added:

 “We earnestly hope that Europe will help to stop this wasteful scheme from devastating large chunks of lovely British countryside. You can count on Green MEPs to stand by the anti-HS2 campaign, which unfortunately is being cold-shouldered by every other political party.

“The Green Party is THE party of public transport” he said, adding that “The huge sum of money that the government is proposing to throw away on HS2, for the sake of shaving minutes off rich people’s commute from Birmingham to London, could be far better spent on revolutionizing our transport systems in this country.”



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