Introducing Two Minute Reads

Today I’m launching a series of short, topical political videos setting out my views on a range of subjects, including Europe, the NHS, the railways, democracy, economic growth, and much more. The series is called Two Minute Reads You can already view some of my earlier videos on some of these subjects by going to the Two Minute Reads tab on the left.

I proudly invite you to view the series on here, my website, and YouTube. It has been created partly in response to Liam Fox’s One Minute Fox series that has been making headlines recently. My videos are a short and snappy look at topical issues that will engage the audience and prompt further conversation. They set out a radical and popular Green perspective in opposition to Mr Fox’s populist and right-wing point of view.

New episodes of the Two Minute Reads will be released regularly each Monday between now and the election. The videos will respond to topical issues, and issues related to Cambridge and the region. So to keep up to date with them, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to my YouTube channel:
Twitter – @GreenRupertRead
Facebook – Green Rupert Read
YouTube – Rupert Read

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