Liberals: Nul seats

The Liberals, following their Coalition Government with the Conservatives, crash to their lowest number of votes for two generations, and lose every single one of their Parliamentary seats in the process. Meanwhile, the Greens do pretty well, achieving almost double the number of votes that the LIberals got.
Fantasy? Nope – this is reality: in Germany. This is what has just happened in the German General Election:
Does it carry any messages for the Liberals (and for the Greens – and for the voting public) in this country? Possibly. As the Liberals here lurch ever downward in the opinion polls ( ), and as European Elections loom in which they may well finish behind the Green Party (as they did in last year’s historic London Mayoral and Assembly elections,_2012 , which, like the European Elections, work on a Proportional Representation system), Nick Clegg et al must be very worried by the German election results.
As a one-time LibDem ( ) who thankfully quit and joined the Green Party long long before the betrayals of recent years in the ConDem Coalition, I feel pretty good about the prospects (as does my fellow Green lead-candidate Peter Cranie, in NW Region: Roll on 2014 – and 2015! (Voting for the) Green Party can help bring down the Coalition Government, next May…:

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