Human-influenced climate change will spiral out of control, worsening poverty, inequality and conflict, unless we put renewables and energy conservation at the heart of energy policy.

That was the warning today from Rupert Read, Green Party lead candidate in the east at the European elections, after scientists published the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report today (March 31st).

However, Dr Read said:

“We should see this report not as a document of doom but as a challenge we can rise to with the right thinking.

Of course we need to tackle high domestic energy prices and excessive profits for suppliers, but we should reorganise the sector, increasing public funding for domestic energy-saving devices and community renewable energy generation and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. This is certainly a wake-up call against fracking.”

The new report warns that no-one will be immune from the effects of climate change, but the poorest around the world will be disproportionately affected by food shortages, heatwaves, flooding and other weather-related disasters, unless Governments act to reduce carbon and other emissions now.

 The report makes stark reading,” said Dr Read “Many of us were aware of the effects of climate change in other countries, but this winter’s weather has brought the issue home to the East Anglian coast.

 The EU will really need to play a leadership role in championing the targets proposed by the Greens to reduce emissions by at least 60% by 2030 – probably much more – and to set targets for adopting energy conservation and renewable energy generation measures.

“I promise to be a strong voice for the environment in the European Parliament after the election in May to help that happen.”

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