More on the ‘congestion charge’ scam – Comments from the Norfolk and Norwich Transport Action Group

Here are the first reactions of Denise Carlo, spokesperson for NNTAG, to the County Council’s predictable yet still-appalling announcement today on their latestefforts to con the taxpayer out of money so as to fund their NDR project:

Denise said:

– Norfolk County Council never had any intention of introducing road pricing. Their intention from the outset was to use Government money for a road pricing study to do further work on the NDR. They should pay back the £250,000 study cost to central Government.

–  traffic in the city centre has fallen and conditions for pedestrians and bus users has improved as a result of the traffic management, bus, pedestrian and cycle improvements along St Stephens, Castle Meadow and Prince of Wales Road. We need more modest schemes of this kind and not an expensive road.  

– the early release of the report a month before the Cabinet meeting on 19 May is transparent political electioneering aimed at influencing the local elections on 1 May.   

– it’s a bit rich to say that because a pricing scheme wouldn’t generate that much revenue, building the NDR at a cost of _£116m_ is better value!

   p.s. Here is the EDP’s article on this matter, this morning:

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