Murphy’s Law: How we can rein in the tax-dodgers and create a UK economy that works for the 99%

Todd Blaisdell, 99% over 1%
Todd Blaisdell, 99% over 1%

The UK’s leading economics blogger, Richard Murphy, will be speaking at a meeting in Cambridge, organised by the Cambridge Young Greens and the local Green Party this Wednesday evening, 11th February.

Richard Murphy, co-author of the Green New Deal, is expected to use his expertise to analyse the state of Britain’s economy and suggest ways to develop a sustainable and just future.


Murphy said:

The current political situation is unacceptable with mega-corporations avoiding tax at the same time as the tax burden is being placed disproportionately on those least able to afford it. I’m delighted to be talking to the Cambridge Greens and members of the general public about how we really can now change this sorry state of affairs.

Rupert Read, the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, will be chairing the meeting. He said:

I am thrilled that Richard Murphy is able to come to Cambridge. So much of his work chimes with the Green Party’s thinking and its vision for a sustainable future in which we see greater investment in renewable energy and the creation of thousands of so-called green-collar jobs. He has worked closely with Caroline Lucas MP for years on devising laws to stop the tax cheats and to re-balance our economy in a green way, and I’m pleased to have got to know him over the last year. I think his talk will be an intellectual highlight not to be missed.

Murphy’s visit is part of a series of high profile visits to the constituency by prominent individuals to support the party’s campaign there.

Green party leader and deputy leader, Natalie Bennett and Shahrar Ali, Green London Assembly member Baroness Jenny Jones, LGBT rights advocate, Peter Tatchell, environmental campaigner, Jonathon Porritt, and professor of public health, Allyson Pollock, are all expected to visit the constituency in support of the Green Party campaign in Cambridge before the election on 7th May.

Cambridge has been identified as one of the Green Party’s target seats at the forthcoming election and saw the third largest Green vote share across Britain at the 2010 general election. The Greens scored 20% at the European elections in Cambridge with Rupert Read as their candidate. The membership of the Green Party has almost quadrupled in Cambridge since then.

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