My debate victory at #Hay

Geoff Lean’s reporting in the Telegraph of my Hay debate with Mike Hulme: :

19.15 Geoffrey Lean has sent this report from a “vigorous debate” at the Hay on Earth tent on philosophy, politics and communicationwith Mike Hulme and Rupert Read:

If climate scientists are partially responsible for beating they have taken over the last two and a half years, how much are they themselves to blame? Two academics from the University of East Anglian – at the heart of the storm since thousands of emails were leaked in November 2009- give very different answers.

Mike Hulme, professor of climate science, believes that scientists ascribed too much certainty to their findings and went beyond the constraints of their discipline to make value judgements and recommendations for action. Rupert Read, reader, in philosophy, says that , on the contrary, they have not been courageous enough and should be bolder about issuing warnings about its consequences. After a vigorous debate, a show of hands showed that the audience overwhelmingly sided with Read.

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