Natalie Bennett: If you want action on climate change you have to vote Green

Green MPs will ‘hold next government to account’ on climate change

Photo opportunity: Natalie Bennett at a Solar Installation and speaking in front of Green Party bus

Natalie Bennett will deliver a speech in Cambridge later today, 5th May 2015, promising genuine commitment and bold policies on climate change from Green MPs in the next Parliament.

Bennett, who will speak alongside the Green Party’s candidate for Cambridge, Rupert Read, is expected to urge people to vote Green to ‘send a message’ on climate change ahead of international negotiations in Paris later this year.

Bennett will pledge to ‘hold a Tory Government to account’ on environmental issues and ‘give Ed Miliband a spine’ in taking the action required on climate change.

Bennett’s intervention, just two days before the election, comes after the major parties have failed to pay attention to environmental issues in their campaigns. Ms Bennett was the only party leader to talk about climate change in the three and half hours of television debate she was involved in.

Bennett is expected to say:

“By voting Green, you’ve got a chance to show whoever the next Prime Minister is just how much the fight against climate change matters to you. You’ve got a chance to send a message, loud and clear, to whoever is negotiating on your behalf in Paris.

“Green MPs will do all they can to stop a Tory Government taking office, but if they do get back in you can rest assured that Green MPs will be on their case, holding them to account and exposing their shortcomings.

“But, with a Labour minority administration looking increasingly likely, you’ve got a chance to elect a strong group of Green MPs who can have an effective influence on Ed Miliband on climate change – including issues like fracking, home energy efficiency and breaking up the influence of the big six energy companies.”

Photo opportunity: Natalie Bennett with Cambridge Solar installation at 163 Queen Widths Way, CB1 8NJ at 1.45pm

Speech details: Natalie Bennett will give her speech in front of the Green Party’s chip-fat powered bus which will be parked at Campaigns Bus, parked on Sidney St, CB2 3HX at 3.30pm

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