New restrictions on targeting kids with junk food ads need to go much further, campaign group says:

‘Leave Our Kids Alone’ welcomes the news that children will no longer be targeted by junk food ads on certain internet media. This ban is one small step in the right direction. But it is only a small step. Why should young children continue to be targeted by junk-food pushers in other media ? And, more important, why should commercial interests be allowed constantly to manipulate children of primary school age and younger through advertising toys, clothes, and child-orientated brands of all sorts to them?

The advertising industry is one of the largest employers of psychology graduates in the country. It hones its techniques of ‘persuasion’ on adults and then turns them on children, children who in every other respect we protect from manipulative adults whose primary aims are not to promote the best interests of our kids. Our children should not be seen as little consumers in the making.
If retailers and manufacturers want to promote things for our children then advertise them to us, their parents. It’s our role to make informed decisions on their behalf.

Leave Our Kids Alone will not rest until advertisers are forced to leave our kids alone. Full stop.

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