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Observer backs
Siân 1, Ken 2 vote

In an historic first, the Observer has backed a Siân 1, Ken 2 vote on Thursday, the first time the party has had a broadsheet backing our election campaign:

“The party has already used its toehold on the London Assembly to wring green concessions worth millions of pounds out of the mayoral budget.

“A respectable score for Ms Berry, an intelligent and articulate advocate of her cause, would send a clear signal to whoever wins the mayoralty that London cares about environmental policy. It would also deprive the British National Party of fourth place, a small but notable step towards the mainstream.”

Read the Observer leader

Greens best for business, say FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses’ London Policy Unit has praised Siân Berry’s policies as the most sympathetic to the needs of small enterprise in London.

In a mailing to all of the FSB’s members in the capital, the Federation says:

“There is a strong case for saying that the Green candidate Siân Berry is most ‘on message’ with what we are saying, followed by Boris Johnson for the Conservatives, with Lib Dem Brian Paddick trailing in third place ahead of current Mayor Ken Livingstone.”

Meanwhile, Siân has also launched Greens Mean Business, a website promoting Green businesses – showing she is ready to help make business greener is whatever practical ways she can.

FSB story
Greens mean Business launch

Green councillors will press for warm, affordable homes

Greens don’t just want homes to be greener – they also want them to be available to everyone for rent at prices that everyone can afford.

That’s why Peter Tatchell launched our warm, affordable homes policy on Friday, in Oxford, where he will be standing for parliament.

Green councillors are already leading the way on housing, in towns like Morpeth, where Greens have secured £200,000 for affordable housing, and Kirklees, where Greens have secured £143 million dedicated to bringing council housing up to a decent standard.

Read more about Greens and warm affordable homes

Find out about your local Green candidates

If you haven’t already found out, you can check our full candidate list at

You can also watch our election video and other videos from the local campaign, and read about our key policy ideas for councils, like free insulation, free school meals and safer streets.

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  1. It was UKIP who were fourth in 2004, followed by Respect, BNP and then Green.
    What strikes me is that in the media only 4 candidates are usually featured, including Sian.
    That speaks volumes.

  2. I was quite suprised to read your blog saying that the Observer was endorsing the Greens – but then I read the Observer piece and realised you were overstating their endorsement (if that is the right term). It sounded like more of a “everyone else is crap therefore protest vote for Sian Berry safe in the knowledge she has no chance” kind of “endorsement”. Hardly ringing!

  3. ‘Endorsement’ is the term The Observer uses in the same article.

    What, in any case, is an endorsement other than a recommendation to vote for a particular candidate? Call it what you want, but that’s what The Observer has done.

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