Poll: Greens on course for MEP seat in the East

Summary of large COMRes Poll from 15/16th March 2014:

Euro Election voting intention in the Eastern Region (among those who expressed a voting intention and said they would definitely vote):

Labour 14%
UKIP 44%
Conservative 21%
Lib Dem 7%
Green 12%
Other 2%

If this result occurs on May 22, then exactly what I have been saying will happen, in terms of seats switching: UKIP will gain at the expense of the Conservatives, and the Green Party will gain at the expense of the LibDems. Labour, weak in the East outside a few old urban strongholds, will remain static in terms of MEP-numbers.

[http://www.comres.co.uk/polls/IoS_SM_Political_Poll_16th_March_2014_%281%29.pdf p.36, for details.]

Encouraging news! Do share it.

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