Professor David Marsland calls for ships trying to break the Gaza blockade to be attacked and sunk

Some good letters here, and then a very disturbing letter from a ‘Professor David Marsland’:
Marsland apparently thinks it is OK to call for the murder of civilians on the high seas. As someone who knows personally some of the civilians in question, and thinks highly of them, I find this particularly repellent and entirely unacceptable.
The mystery becomes a little clearer when one finds out more facts about Mr. Marsland. According to the fringe Libertarian group to which he belongs: ‘Professor David Marsland is Professor of Health Informatics at Brunel University. [Actually, he isn’t: he is an Emeritus Professor. I.e. He is retired]. Amongst his many books are Seeds of Bankruptcy: Sociological Bias Against Business and Freedom, Welfare or Welfare State: Contradictions and Dilemmas in Social Policy, Public Sector Enterprise: A Contradiction in Terms, Work and Employment in Liberal Democratic Societies, Education For Defeat, Cradle to Grave: Comparative Perspectives on the State of Welfare, Education and Youth, Self Reliance: Reforming Welfare in Advanced Societies, Understanding Youth: Issues and Methods in Social Education. He has also contributed to many scholarly and political journal including The British Journal of Sociology, The American Sociologist, Society, Economic Affairs, and Salisbury Review. For the Libertarian Alliance he has written In Defence of British Values, Beyond the Welfare State, and After Empire. In 1991 he was the first recipient of The Thatcher Award, in recognition of his research and writing on individualism and freedom.’
Now it makes a bit more sense. He is a libertarian loon, an unpleasant far-right uber-Thatcherite.
Still, I wonder how Brunel feel about one of their Emeritus (sic.) Professors calling for the murder of civilians on the high seas, in a major national newspaper?

3 thoughts on “Professor David Marsland calls for ships trying to break the Gaza blockade to be attacked and sunk”

  1. Sounds like the good professor should be sterilised – at least, according to his own argument, he should be, seeing as he is going to be on Radio 4’s Iconoclasts arguing for the sterilisation of the ‘…mentally and morally unfit.’

  2. I’ve just listened to that “Iconoclasts” programme, hence why I’m trying to find out who in the hell this guy actually is. His argument was based on nothing more than half investigated and heavily biased research, coupled with a supreme ego and disdain for people who may be a financial “drain” on society. I can’t quite believe that he’s actually been able to hold the university titles he has, retired or not.

  3. I too listened to Marsland on Iconoclasts, with disgust. What is it with these ideologically extreme ‘Liberals’, they want freedom for themselves but not evidently for others.

    I thought he was given an easy ride, the programme ended with jocularity on such an extreme issue, very disturbing to my mind. Lest we forget the Nazis started by sterilizing & eliminating the disabled. With the current right-wing ‘Liberal’ coalition & tabloids on a campaign to persecute the poor & disabled via an ideological rolling back of the State thinly disguised as necessary cuts it worries me that the BBC have joined in

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