The reality: our CO2 emissions have been shooting upwards

The link below offers further in-depth confirmation of what I have argued in this blog for years: that the Millibands et al have systematically betrayed the public trust in their presentation of UK CO2 emissions figures. Emissions from [i.e. due to the economy of and consumption of] Britain and other ‘developed’ countries have in reality shot up, over the last 20 years, and especially since 1997.

One thought on “The reality: our CO2 emissions have been shooting upwards”

  1. I’m not sure about this. It sounds like an argument over which part of the ship is sinking fastest. The real issue is that the ship is sinking.

    Technically, if the emissions were emitted elsewhere in the world, and we then import the products, the emissions truly did not originate from UK sources. If we scoop up some water from one part of the sinking ship and deposit it in another, it doesn’t mean the latter part is sinking any faster because of the redistribution. But like I said before, the real point is that the ship is sinking. It has always got to be a collective focus.

    Who believes what politicians say anyway ; )

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