Regional letter: Keeping eggs free-range

Dear Editor,

It is outrageous that the EU may scrap legislation that requires eggs and egg boxes to be labeled according to farming methods. All eggs ought to be free-range – and this proposal would restrict consumers ability to know what they are buying.

Compassion in World Farming (CiWF) has recently reported that the EU Commission is discussing the possibility of repealing the current law. This requires battery eggs to be labeled as “eggs from caged hens” – legislation that CiWF and many supporters of higher welfare standards fought so hard to bring about.

As a lifelong campaigner for better treatment for animals, I am concerned that this excellent law, which has been an important contributing factor in the decline in demand for ‘battery’ eggs, is under threat. It is a disgrace that international agribusiness wants to scrap this law just so that it is easier for them to profit from animal suffering.

I pledge that if I am elected to the European Parliament here in the East of England I will oppose this threat to EU labeling law – law that is essential in providing the consumer with the necessary information needed to make a considered, moral choice. I will also support the proposed ban on battery cages due to come into force in 2012 – there should be no delay in implementation.

A vote for the Green Party on 4th June 2009 is a vote against the greed of industry lobbyists in Brussels, and a vote for legislation which benefits animals and consumers alike.

Yours sincerely

Cllr. Rupert Read

One thought on “Regional letter: Keeping eggs free-range”

  1. I totally agree with any stance to improve the conditions of animals. That is why I’m a vegetarian, and choose to avoid eating them; thus reducing the demand for these poor creatures to be kept in such appalling conditions.
    I find the Greens stance on this issue rather strange though. On the one hand, they support the reduction in animal cruelty, and yet on the other, Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas, supports the corrupt and seriously flawed ‘Freedom Foods’ programme operated by the RSPCA, which frankly, is just a money-spinner for the RSPCA and for the multi-billion pound meat industry. Over the past few years there has been countless abuses of this programme, and yet Caroline Lucas remains as Vice-President of RSPCA! I have never heard her speak out about it (she certainly should do).
    I just can’t understand why the Greens support such an awful, money-making cause which, like the RSPCA does little to benefit animals. It’s all to do with ‘branding’ and image – all things I thought the Greens (quite rightly) should be opposed to.
    For more on Freedom Foods, please click on this Channel Five News link:

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