Some Conservatives are with and some are without brains — official

City Council meeting this week was pretty lively. During the debate over congestion charging, I gently heckled Cllr. Antony Little of the Conservatives, who is vehemently opposed to congestion charging, pointing out to him that it was his own Party [at the County level] that was actually pushing congestion charging for Norwich. His response was most intriguing and amusing: “It may be my Party – but I’ve got a brain.”

Was he perhaps meaning: As opposed to his County colleagues (one of whom was sitting immediately on his left as he spoke), who by implication do not?…!

3 thoughts on “Some Conservatives are with and some are without brains — official”

  1. Nice try, Antony! But an extremely unconvincing interpretation — it is obvious from what you said at the time that the comparison you intended was with your Party ‘colleagues’ on the County — _not_ with folks like me.

  2. As for how to interpret your deliberately-somewhat-vague comment, here, two intriguing ideas suggest themselves:
    1) I have been accused of many things in my time, but not having a brain seems an unlikely thing to accuse a Reader in Philosophy of!
    2) Or perhaps you meant _very_ close to home — on the Conservative benches at City Hall?! (Cllr. Collishaw is on the County as well as the City Council, if I am not much mistaken…)

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