Stopping future Flybe scam flights

  Norwich Airport and the airline ‘Flybe’ are making national and international headlines today in the worst possible of ways. Flybe recently hired actors to fly on extra flights that it laid on specially, and pointlessly, in order to reach targets for passenger numbers laid down by Norwich Airport.

  Norwich City Council is a shareholder in Norwich Airport.


  My comment on this: “This story is an absolute farce. Flybe have brought disgrace upon themselves and upon Norwich Airport through their actions. What is needed now is for Norwich Airport to alter their rules, so that never again are there economic incentives on airlines to engage in this kind of systematic deception and utterly anti-environmental behaviour. For example, a charge made by the Airport per flight upon airlines would discourage empty or extra flights, and incentivise airlines to fill up what flights they laid on with bona fide – paying! – passengers. Norwich City Council is a shareholder in Norwich Airport, and the Leader of the Council has a seat on the Airport Board. The Green Party Councillors will therefore be pressing the Council to use their influence on the Airport to make these much-needed changes. Never again must an airline put on extra flights and hire fake passengers in order to make money at the expense of us all.”


Here is some of the coverage of this story:

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