Tory, LibDem, Labour – a certain Shakespearian quote comes to mind

So: At a time of unprecedented market failure (financial, environmental), we have a government of deregulators. At a time when the state has saved the day (for now) financially, and is a key part of our only hope environmentally, we have a government of ‘savage’ cutters. At a time when we supposedly live in a classless societies, we have a government of toffs who believe that they were ‘born to rule’ ( ). And at a time when proportional representation was at last within reach, all we are going to be offered is the dismal half-way house of AV.

Millions voted to keep the Tories out – and the LibDems have voted them in. Voters won’t forget that betrayal.
And Labour let this happen, shamefully, by abandoning the chance of a ‘progressive alliance’. They could have stopped the Tories, as I’ve been arguing on this blog these past several days – they have CHOSEN not to. Shame on them.

What would Mercutio say?

…Anyway: It’s going to be a long long haul. The fightback begins here. I’m proud to be a Green tonight; and ashamed of the failed political system we live in, and of the useless politicians who are swapping from the Government to the Opposition benches and vice versa. Who are leading us to economic and environmental disaster.
Yes, I’m not a happy bunny tonight. And the most probable future for our country and our world is, I fear, grim. The only consolation is that all three Parties have disgraced themselves (apart from the Tories, who were a disgrace already), and so there may be good times ahead for genuinely oppositional voices, who have got it right, such as the Green Party. Unlike the others, we didn’t lose Thursday’s election – we broke through, for the first time.
And we are going to be needed more than ever.

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  1. pmsl…you’re such a bad loser…millions more voted for these two parties than voted for any other two party combination..and many LD voters don’t really give a stuff about PR.

    and i never said you claimed to have had Norwich South…you merely implied it…on more than one occasion.


  2. We don’t have a Tory government. We have a Tory-LibDem coalition government. That will be much more moderate with many of the Tory excesses contained.

  3. The Lib Dems would’ve preferred a coalition with Labour, but Labour wasn’t serious about it.

    I actually think it is better to have the Lib Dems in government, trying (in vain, probably) to stop the excesses of the Tories, rather than a minority Tory government. Yes the latter could’ve been brought down much sooner than the former, but who is to say the voters wouldn’t then just give the Tories a majority?

    The real villains are Labour. The Lib Dems wanted the Progressive Alliance. Labour torpedoed it.

  4. I agree completely. And when the current government goes spiraling down, I predict a libdem wipeout in scotland.

    The SNP and Greens will probably take their seats.

  5. Thanks for comments, interesting.
    It’s not about being ‘a bad loser’ – it’s about being deeply dismayed at the choices our political ‘leaders’ have made, which will harm our common future severely.

  6. “And Labour let this happen, shamefully, by abandoning the chance of a ‘progressive alliance’.” Look, under our current system, the Tories had the right to form a minority govt as the largest grouping of MPs. Labour had no right or mandate to form some squalid backroom deal with the Lib Dems. Perhaps that’s how the Greens operate, but Labour has been there in the late 1970s and we didn’t want to go back to Lib/lab pacts. What is truly surprising is the depth of the Lib Dems cynicism.

  7. AndrewC – on what do you base that view?

    No-one has the right to form a minority government if there is a grouping of MPs which forms a majority. Before the LibDems agreed to go into coalition that could have happened.

    Even if no majority were possible it is also possible that the Labour and LibDems could have formed a minority grouping larger than the Conservatives.

  8. I agree that labour should have offered better terms and their failure is very sad. But this attempt at a self-fulfilling prophecy of “libdems WILL feel betrayed” is unnecessary. Some will, some won’t, surely that’s their business.

  9. Labour went from zero MPs to forming a government within a generation. So may we.
    Especially as we are going to be proved so right, in the next few years.
    As the Green Party (lonelily) has repeatedly pointed out – we don’t need huge cuts, because we have huge assets (RBS, anyone?), if we only invest for economic staibility (via a Green New Deal, that over time would pay for itself by saving money hand over fist through cutting back on waste).
    Don’t buy the neoliberal ‘savage cuts’ line – that Clegg & Cameron are about to impose on you as a ‘necessity’.

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