Why everyone in Britain who cares about Copenhagen or climate chaos should vote Green this June…

1. Everyone in the UK can vote Green in June.
2. A Green vote in June is the only way to send a clear message from the
ballot box to our National leaders to behave in Copenhagen – all other
parties greenwash but are compromised by (e.g.) wanting to bring back
economic growth.
3. Whether nationally you are Yellow, Red, or Blue or indifferent the only
way to be green in June is to vote Green – which won’t hurt your favoured
party’s national chances but will make a big difference for Copenhagen –
imagine the effect if Greens polled 20% in June!
4. The EU will play a major role in December in Copenhagen (even if it
‘plays its role’ by remaining silent).
5. Greens can win seats in the Euro Election in the UK (it is
proportional) – and a Green MEP or two from your region will help make
Copenhagen work…

[Thanks to Roger Creagh-Osborne for inspiring this post]

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